Our Story

Our Story:

What is your impact on the world? People are beginning to realize that the choices we make with our money can matter just as much as anything else we do. People have decided that they don’t want to fund dangerous pipelines, or companies that make weapons and abuse human rights. These choices ensure that our investments align with our values, but they don’t answer the important question that motivates our choices – how can you make the world a better place?

Gabe, Patrick, and Cary came together because people were asking us just that question. Our friends and family wanted to know what investment funds could have the most positive impact. We didn’t have the answer, and in fact, nobody had the answer. We conducted original research, and found out. That’s why we started Real Impact Tracker, to share our research by ranking funds by their positive impact on the world. Since we were inspired by our friends and family, we’re focused on funds open to personal investors and retirement accounts.


Applying Investments as a Force for Good.


People are working harder than ever to make the world a better place, and seeking new avenues to make a difference. Because corporations have so much influence in our society, we can’t ignore our investments as tools for change.

We want to help you make sure your investments work for you to create the world you envision. We all want to create a better world, let’s use every tool we’ve got!